Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party & Barhopping Experience

$65/adult | FREE Cancellation

The Gros Islet Friday Night Street party is an occasion not to be missed. Now, you add the Night-Lime Barhopping Experience , and you have a night to remember.

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Just north across the channel from Rodney Bay lies the sleeping fishing village of GROS ISLET (GROZ-i-lay), which retains its tranquil atmosphere, with colonial architecture, local restaurants and inns. This town comes alive around 10.p.m…until…with the famous Friday Night Street Party.

Visitors and locals alike, fill the streets dancing to the local, regional and international tunes in their fashion, whilst enjoying BBQ’s from roadside grills, sampling local juices, rum punches, cocktails and the ever popular Piton Beer.
The Gros Islet Friday Night Street party is an occasion not to be missed.

Get your party on! Enjoy a fun-filled night led by a team of the funniest guides on the planet! Allow us to show you a great time while taking in some of the best local ‘vibes’. This barhopping experience will take you to four different party locations, each with their own unique atmosphere, music etc. Not enough to do at your hotel on an evening? Then come along with us for an evening to remember and a night-time experience to leave you feeling energized and exhilarated.  Each group of guests is accompanied by their own personal ‘party maker’, ‘bartender’ and security guard to keep you partying, hydrated and safe at each of the amazing locations.  An all-inclusive roster of drinks follows you around to each location, with premium drinks available for sale on site.

What to take along – Cash, Camera
Duration : – 4 hours to include transfer time for hotels in the north

  • 9:00pm – 1:00am
  • Live Band
  • Barbecue

Tour Includes:

  • Drinks

Cancellation Policy

Free Cancellation up to 24 Hrs prior.